Autovista Applications

Autovista Applications

Business-critical pricing insights for your business

Correctly identify vehicles

Easy and reliable identification of vehicles and options through our applications products and intuitive search functions ensure that you get quick access to the information you need, giving you fact-based decision-making capability around repairs, valuation, portfolio management and forecasting.

Find the right price

Our highly accurate business applications are designed to help you with fact-based decision-making around potential repairs, vehicle valuation, portfolio management and forecasting - all based on Autovista's range of market-leading data-fed products.

Maximise your profits

We support the entire used car process from trade-in, repair calculation and stock management through to car sales.  Our products enable you to correctly assess vehicle value and determine differences in pricing, specification and residual value performance.  Live retail pricing gives you granular up-to-the-minute insights into local market activity.

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Features & Benefits

Autovista's products offer a range of features and benefits to help you with business-critical decision-making:


  • Accurately describe vehicles and their equipment
  • Ensure realistic and competitive used car prices, educated by real-time pricing data
  • Calculate repair costs
  • Our products are intuitive to use and easy to access, distilling vast amounts of background data into the essentials that you need.
Our Customers

Our automotive applications are used by the following Autovista customers:


  • Fleet
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Dealers
  • Manufacturers
  • Importers
  • Bodyshops
  • Assessors
  • Public Bodies
Our Markets

Autovista's products provide vehicle pricing and fleet management solutions for the automotive markets in France, Finland and Sweden.

Autovista Group offers similar solutions under local product names in other markets across Europe and Australia.