How We Do It

Getting to the heart of what matters to your business.

The volume of data and information is growing. But how do you zero in on the things that really matter to your business?

We cut through the noise and get to the heart of the issue. We provide data...the most trusted data in the market. But it is our people that bring the focus and context our customers need to run their businesses.

This is how we do it...

We Start with Specification

We scour manufacturer price lists, brochures and websites, so you don’t have to. We collate and classify hundreds of technical attributes for every vehicle that is added to our database. From vehicle type to engine and standard equipment to optional extras, if it has an impact on a vehicle’s value – now or in the future – we track it.

We standardise and categorise all elements, making it possible to compare across models, brands and markets. We cross-check and fill in the gaps to provide a 360° understanding of the vehicle. We link everything to VIN and VRM, so that it is possible to quickly retrieve the exact vehicle specification down to colour, upholstery, fitted equipment options and “built price”.

This forensic accuracy is fundamental to our valuations, forecasts and repair estimates, so that you get to the right vehicle and the right price, every time.

Setting the Standard for Valuations

We set the standard for vehicle Valuations. We combine market observations from a vast network of sources, including used car portals, auction houses and dealers. We clean and de-duplicate the data. We link it to our detailed Specification data. And then we analyse it.

We look for patterns and trends. We obsessively hunt down the factors that are influencing values so that we understand what is driving values today and can predict what will affect them tomorrow.

We calculate values for every model, any configuration, any distance up to 200,000km and any age up to 20 years post-production. That’s billions of possible combinations.

Our Live Retail values reveal the current market price, nationally and regionally. Monthly values help you manage asset risks, benchmark performance, and predict trends.

Our analysts are always on hand to interpret the trends, so that you can anticipate how price changes will affect your business and act with confidence.

Estimating the Cost of a Repair

We create a 360⁰ view of the vehicle with our comprehensive Service, Maintenance and Repair data. We source details on millions of individual parts. We calculate the cost and time it takes to repair or replace them. We quantify the paint that is required to complete the job.

We create interactive graphics, showing individual parts in detail – always from the same angle. Our colour coding distinguishes different materials making it easy to understand what you are looking at.

Connected to our Valuation data, it is quick to calculate the cost of a repair and then decide whether it is economic to complete the work or declare the vehicle a write-off.

Helping You Understand Total Cost of Ownership

There is a growing need to understand what it costs to own a vehicle from the day it leaves the factory to the day it is scrapped. But with an ever-increasing array of models and fuel types, it is getting more difficult to understand Total Cost of Ownership. 

With our unique combination of Specification, Valuation and Repair data, Autovista Group provides that answer for you. We pull together our vast datasets on technical characteristics, equipment options, forecast values and service schedules to help you understand what it costs to buy and run a vehicle per kilometre, per day or per year.

This 360⁰ view of the vehicle underpins your ability to benchmark across brands, fuel types and markets in order to make the right automotive purchasing decisions for your business.