Residual Value Intelligence

Residual Value Intelligence

Tracking pricing trends across European markets

Residual Value Intelligence is the first cross border insights service tracking trends in the most significant automotive markets in Europe. Manufacturers and leasing companies rely on it to understand the performance of major brands, segments and fuel types, and really get to the heart of what is driving RVs.


Get the full picture

Detailed visualisations make it easy to spot opportunities across countries as well as by segment, fuel type and brands and to drill down into key trends.

Understand implications

Expert analysis provides context and digs into how new launches, regulatory changes and more really will affect RVs and the wider automotive industry. 


Combine data and analysis to set strategy, manage risk and secure competitive advantage safe in the knowledge that Autovista Group will alert you to emerging used car trends.

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Features & Benefits

Understand the RV impact of big picture trends, across:

  • the big 5 markets;
  • 14 segments;
  • 7 fuel types; and
  • 38 brands

Gain deeper insight into market trends to:

  • understand the impact of EVs on the market;
  • assess the impact of specific sales or brand strategies on RVs;
  • determine the outlook for RVs in a segment/ market;
  • benchmark RV performance against the wider market and isolate areas of underperformance;
  • identify variances in trading conditions across countries to refine your pan-European strategy.

Our Customers

Our customers across Europe include:

  • Manufacturers
  • Importers
  • Leasing
  • Finance