Across Autovista Group, we are committed to being good local and global citizens.

Both individually and in teams, our employees take part in a wide range of CSR projects including fund-raising for local charities, school reading assistance schemes, disaster relief, green/recycling projects and international development projects.

UNICEF: Our Group-wide Corporate Social Responsibility Project

Each year, Autovista Group raises more than £50,000/€60,000 for UNICEF. 

How we Help

All across our Group, hundreds of our employees from 20 countries cycle, bake, run, walk, row, climb, drive, jog, hike, party, swim and even dye their hair – all in aid of one great cause.

Climate Change

Best known for its work in disaster relief, UNICEF is running a number of innovative programmes to mitigate the impact of climate change, ensuring that children are not made homeless, miss school or fall ill because of increasing floods, droughts and other extreme climate change events.

Making a Difference

UNICEF operates to keep children safe in more than 190 countries around the world, providing them with education, life-saving food, clean water, vaccines and protection from violence.


We chose UNICEF because they are international and because our own Autovista Group staff told us they were passionate about supporting child development, education and reducing the impact of climate change.