Schwacke Data

Schwacke Data

Best-in-class data - integrated and accessed how, when and wherever you want

Trusted valuation data

Transparent methodology and more than 60 years of experience go into our trade, forecast and live retail valuations. We don't believe that you'll find more precise valuation data anywhere else.

Specification data

Our specification data tells you everything you need to know about a vehicle, including cost when new, options, paint and trim. Sourced directly from manufacturers, you can rely on our data to help set your pricing competitively.

Service, maintenance and repair data

Our data provides accurate repair times, service schedules, parts pricing and much more. You can eliminate guesswork from your estimating processes and total cost of ownership calculations.

Product Category:
  • Data

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Features & Benefits

Our world-class data helps you to make the best decisions for your business:


  • Our transparent methodology and robust data-cleansing mean that you can trust our data to help you deliver competitive and accurate forecourt pricing, finance packages, repair estimates, disposal costs and more.
  • The flexibility of our data allows you to integrate it into existing systems and processes.
  • Our consistent, regular updates ensure that you can access the most recent information.
Our Customers

Schwacke's data customers include:


  • Fleet companies
  • Insurers
  • Finance houses
  • Dealers
  • Manufacturers
  • Importers
  • Bodyshops and repairers
  • Assessors
  • Public bodies
  • Professional services and advisors
Our Markets

Schwacke products cover the German automotive market.  The Autovista Group has similar data and coverage across 30 European markets and Australia.