Our Experts

Taking masses of complex datasets and turning them into actionable insights

Our impressive team of automotive experts, specialist editors and data scientists track vehicle registrations and transactions throughout Europe and Australia to shape, develop and mine our deep, proprietary databases.

They produce market-forging insights – on a daily basis – across 30 countries.

Combining sophisticated statistical analysis and algorithms with local human expertise, they create the most reliable intelligence, business applications and data-driven tools available in Europe.

Our Pricing Experts

The insight behind your new launch

Insights that help you optimise Residual Value and Total Cost of Ownership performance and maximise profits.

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Our experienced analyst teams prepare comprehensive RV forecasts and offer advice for each phase of the vehicle's development, enabling you to maximise return on investment for your customers and boost sales for your car.

In addition, our experts provide detailed Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) information on all cost drivers so that you can make better decisions at every stage of the vehicle's lifecycle.

Our Data Scientists

The insight behind the numbers

Transforming masses of complex datasets into business intelligence.

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Our world-class teams of PhDs and Senior Valuation & Specification Analysts build and maintain industry-leading methodologies and algorithms that enable us to provide market-leading insights and intelligence for our customers.

Tirelessly exploring leading-edge technologies and machine learning, our data scientists apply superior methods in data cleansing, data mapping, analytics and presentation.  

This ensures that our customers have access to the highly accurate information and tools that help drive success for their businesses.

Our Valuation Experts

The insight behind your markets

Turning information into actionable insights for our customers.

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Dedicated teams of automotive experts analyse, evaluate and interpret masses of market observations ranging from auction houses and car lots to online portals across all of our markets.

They enhance machine-generated insights using their deep industry expertise and qualitative judgment, systematically translating findings into actionable insights for our customers on a daily basis.  

Every day, their knowledge helps give our customers the information they need to make the most profitable decisions.

Our Specification Experts

The insight behind your vehicle

Tracking markets and analysing trends to provide unrivalled pricing insights.

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Highly experienced industry experts track market trends by segment, as well as curate and standardise manufacturer specification and price lists across Europe.

They analyse and interpret highly technical information such as build rules, derivatives, colours and equipment options.  

This means we are able to systemise their information and analysis across our European markets, providing our customers with unrivalled pricing insights.